Popped Quinoa

Popped Quinoa can be a great addition to so many dishes. The crunch it adds can take your desserts, salads, rice and many other dishes to another level.

Quinoa is essentially a protein which is a wholesome part of balanced diet. It contains all 9 essential amino acids. Who knew these little balls could mean so much to your body!

I add popped quinoa to my raw cacao date balls, granola, raw cacao date bars, smoked salmon salad, a topping to my chia pudding, honey roasted nuts, yogurt, breakfast cereal, porridge,


  • Always use medium to slightly lower heat.
  • If using a pan, place enough quinoa to cover the base of the pan, no more.
  • The popping process happens quickly.
  • When the popping slows, that means it is finished.
  • Try to buy pre-washed quinoa (I’ve used unwashed quinoa before, but it has a somewhat different taste. If you buy quinoa, then wash it, it takes a couple hours to dry and pop in the oven on low heat.)
  • Keep the pan moving. You can use a wok or a deep pan with a lid. Whichever you choose, be sure to keep shaking it about to prevent overheating and burning.
  • Prep time: 1min
  • Total time: 5mins
  • yield: 5tbsp
  • category: toppings and additions
  • Ingredients:
  • 5tbsp quinoa
  • (Optional): 1tsp oil
  • Instructions:
  • Place the pan/wok onto the stove on medium heat.
  • When hot, pour desired amount of quinoa into pan/wok.
  • If using a pan, place the lid on to cover quinoa.
  • When the popping begins, keep moving the pan side to side so that the quinoa rolls around inside.
  • Open frequently to make sure pan is not smoking.
  • If the pan begins to generate smoke, lift away from heat and keep shaking quinoa around until pan cools.
  • When popping slows, remove from heat altogether.